Are you a vaping enthusiast looking for unique flavours that you can vape all day? You’ll find a plethora of options at Long White Vapour. We offer premium quality vape juice flavours – the tastiest ones available in the world today (in our very humble opinion). All our products are produced in-house, using only FDA approved USP ingredients, and we offer a wide variety of options that will excite your taste buds.

Whether you are looking for fruity, sweet or something with a bit of tang, Long White Vapour has got you covered. Here’s a bit of a breakdown of some of our tastiest categories.

Fruity Flavours

We offer a wide range of fruity vape juice flavours under this category – every one of them is just as tasty as the next. In this category, we combine some of the juiciest fruits in the world with delicious sweet-tooth food ingredients, like ice cream and caramel.

Specific Flavours

  1. Mahana Peach: This unique flavour combines peach with raspberry and strawberry. Delicious ripe peach with a hint of raspberry and strawberry.
  2. Melon Dragon Fruit: Enjoy a perfect blend of the world-renowned dragon fruit and the fan-favourite honeydew melon. A solid, consistent flavour and a popular choice that vapers keep coming back to.
  3. Viking Blood Apricot Danish: A perfect blend of Apricot Danish and vanilla ice cream. This particular flavour is patented by us and is one of our favourite vape juice flavours in this category. It is also hinted with a dash of caramel; an ideal choice for vapers who want to try something a little outside the box.

Sweet Flavours

Who doesn’t love candy? Cake, ice cream, cotton candy, we love them all. Being an adult shouldn’t mean missing out on all the joys a few sweets can offer the taste buds. We go the extra mile in this category to deliver an unprecedented vaping experience.

Specific Flavours:

  1. Cake on Your Face: This is one of our simplest e-liquid flavours. Just cake, no icing, and just as delicious as cake with none of the calories.
  2. Custard the Clown: What’s better than custard? Custard + banana + cotton candy. You’re welcome.
  3. Sundae Drive: Have you ever stopped and said to yourself, “Man, it would be awesome if I could vape mint chocolate chip ice cream.” Well great minds think alike we guess, because we already went and did it.

Menthol Flavours

Long White Vapour has built a reputation on e-liquids that excite the taste buds of our customers. Our menthol varieties attest to that fact.

Specific Flavours:

  1. Chilled Kiwi: A lip-smacking combination of the flavoursome dragon fruit with kiwifruit and menthol. Without a doubt this scrumptious flavour will have you coming back for more.
  2. White Menthol: Enjoy the taste of our menthol infused e-liquid. This flavour combines tobacco with varying amounts of menthol.

Cocktail Vape Juice

If you’re looking for juice that mimics your favorite cocktails, Long White Vapour has a bit of a treat for you.

Specific flavours:

  1. Six On The Beach: We combine six tropical fruits with coconut to produce this miracle of deliciousness.

Well there’s a little intro to our range… but there’s really only one way to find your own favourite. Head over to our Juice collection and start working your way through – happy vaping!